Site Selection


At CharlotteJames we pride ourselves on establishing unique sets of criteria for each site selection when designing hybrid incentives for our clients. Unlike agencies that deal with large groups traveling to the same destination, we have the luxury and ability to discover exotic destinations and curate hotels that are iconic, design-forward, or boutique.

Our incentives typically range from 5 to 7 nights.  They can be easily scaled up by adding destinations or more hotels within a destination.

For our American clients/winners, who come from all over the U.S. mainland, we have focused our destinations on Hawai’i and Europe to ensure that long-haul flights are not extreme.  Prior to the pandemic there was a surge in direct flights from the U.S. to gateway cities within the E.U. With the lifting of pandemic restrictions, we may now be able to venture further afield and include destinations such as Croatia, Greece, Madeira, and Iceland.  For itineraries greater than 7 nights it will be exciting to add destinations in Africa and other exotic locales, such as the Maldives.

We have crafted highly successful programs at the Four Seasons in Florence, in Lisbon, and at the gorgeous Schloss Elmau in Bavaria. Coupling Munich with the Schloss makes for a truly fine experience.

For regional incentives, such as those within circumscribed geographic areas in Asia, we can include exquisite locales such as Song Saa in Cambodia or the Aman in Vietnam.  Conversely, for incentives originating in Europe, we can create beautiful itineraries in North America, South America, and other Latin American destinations.  

Destinations with great potential for travel outside of Europe include Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. Within the U.S. there is always the tried and true (for a reason!), such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles. That said, there are many other American cities that offer world-class cuisine, cultural experiences, phenomenal live music, and natural wonders, such as Austin, Nashville, Santa Fe, and Sedona. 

Want more? How about incomparable properties in stunning, remote destinations, such as the Aman in Utah and Wyoming. And let’s not forget our Canadian neighbors to the North, who offer exquisite experiences in Whistler, Vancouver, Lake Louise, Banff, Montreal and Toronto.

Another element that can be incorporated into our hybrid incentives is a wellness journey. Some companies are committed to enhancing the well-being of their top folks, providing them with immersive, restful, wellness-centered experiences that revitalize them and their guests.

At CharlotteJames Incentives, we secure hotels that understand our concept and will hold blocks of rooms for our clients without knowing in advance how many winners will select their property by the agreed-upon selection deadline. For example, with a small luxury boutique hotel that has 11 rooms, we may end up booking 6. We can also scale up to a group room threshold and book 10 or more rooms.

We have booked all-inclusive hotels so captivating that winners and their guests have chosen to never leave the property!  We have booked hotels with Michelin starred restaurants, in keeping with our commitment to ensure that food is exquisite, locally sourced when possible, and sustainably farmed.

We also look for properties that are committed to a greener environment and sustainable resources. Being mindful of the environmental impact and footprint of our products and services is a core value of our business, and one that we embrace as fellow travelers in the journey of life.

Our hybrid incentive model has been overwhelmingly embraced and preferred by surveyed winners of company incentive travel experiences that we have designed. The variety and diversity of choice that our model provides, including the option for winners to add pre- and post- elements to the company-subsidized portion of their vacation, lies at the heart of creating a memorable incentive experience. Understanding the goals of our clients and selecting destinations and experiences that are right for them are the foundational elements upon which the success of the program, and CharlotteJames, is based.