Board Meetings

Let the ideas flow and
inspiration strike

When it comes to travel and incentive design, board meetings require a specialized set of criteria, different from the typical incentives travel plan. Highly dependent on the company and their ambitions, organizing board meetings requires mindful planning for personal safety, privacy, location, food, experiences, thought-provoking settings, creativity, and, in many instances, the opportunity to be still.

Your company’s goals are of paramount importance — we spend the time needed to refine the scope of your travel objectives and find the perfect locales for them. Whether your board meeting is to be a dynamic, collaborative interaction amongst participants or a time for participants to quietly reflect and plan, we can help you find the perfect setting where ideas can flow, flourish, and generate synergistic results.

What CharlotteJames Incentives Provides

Venue Selection

Whether you choose to stay at a boutique hotel, fully-staffed chateau or private island, we’ll take care of everything from negotiation of rates to the allocation of rooms to liaison with the venue.

Travel Arrangements

Getting your staff to and from a destination can be a challenge. CharlotteJames Incentives is highly experienced in moving groups of people, small and large, world-wide.

Built-in Experience

Ranging from simple excursions to elaborate getaways, built-in experiences can be easily organized. Activities can include golfing, hiking, cooking, and of course, plenty of fine dining!

Unparalleled Service

No matter how beautiful the location, without impeccable service, problems will likely arise. That’s why we meticulously vet this aspect of your board meeting by visiting all potential locations and testing their services first-hand.

Safety & Privacy

When securing a remote & private location, this ensures you can control who arrives and departs. Plus, we’ll make sure to have emergency staff on hand at all times (and speedy Wi-Fi!).

Unmatched Listening

We strongly believe in listening to the client’s wants and needs so we can deliver the best venue within your budget.

The Result

  • Create momentum
  • Encourage ideation
  • Generate synergistic results
  • Face-to-face networking and collaboration
  • Affect change
  • Inspire action