Sha Wellness Clinic


Recently my sister/business partner and I decided to book into the Sha Wellness Clinic. We wanted to experience it to see if it was good recommendation for our FIT/private clients, as well as to determine if it held potential for our corporate clients.

We traveled to Alicante, Spain, where we were hosted by the beautiful Design Hotel Hospes Amerigo.  We spent two days discovering this wonderful part of Spain before checking into the Clinic, learning about the ancient Romans, Moors, and Christians, as well as more recent history.  A highlight of our stay in Alicante was a hike to a fort that dates back to the 9th century.

Upon arrival at The Sha Clinic, we were immediately struck by the peacefulness of the environment, the openness, and the vegetation which abounds everywhere.  In no time we were plunged into our initial appointment with the Clinic’s nurse. Everything had been pre-registered prior to our arrival, and we worked with a very slick app that puts all the individual appointments and details one needs in the palm of your hand.  Immediately, we both felt relaxed and enveloped in a sense of serenity.

We were struck by the realization that this would be the perfect place for our company to hold an annual wellness retreat, where we could reflect and plan for the coming year in this age of uncertainty.  With governments changing their requirements on a dime in the face of the pandemic, those of us in the travel industry must remain proactive, flexible, and nimble if we are to serve our clients well. So, at breakfast today we committed Charlotte James to an annual corporate retreat at this wondrous healing venue.

The reality is that if you and your team are not healthy, what do you have?  Not a whole lot!  Over the last few months, I have spoken with business owners who have had to close their businesses for weeks as they and their staff have contracted COVID. I have friends who have been struggling with COVID long-haul issues.  Keeping our health must remain uppermost in these challenging times.

We learned that it would be very simple to hold a corporate retreat, board meeting, and/or wellness incentive at the Sha Wellness Clinic. Each attendee’s schedule can be individualized, with time built in for creative sessions, decompression, strategic meetings, and brainstorming.  When you allow the mind to be alternately still and engaged in novel activities, creativity flows.  

And then there is the food: incredibly delicious and healthy, proving my fears of gaining weight on this trip to be truly unfounded. You do not have to give up what you love to eat healthy!

One of the first questions we were asked at the Clinic was, “What is your goal while you are here?” I had to stop and think about that, as the busyness of life had pushed this vital question onto the back burner. It was a reminder that we must be mindful to not take our health for granted.

So, take a few moments and ask yourself, “What are my and my team’s health and wellness goals? Do we even have any?”

At the Sha Wellness Clinic your company-sponsored visit can range from a traditional spa experience to an enlightening, in-depth look at your health, to anything in between.  This is a holistic retreat, where reflective time, massage, exercise, healthy cuisine, professional trainers, and cutting-edge health practitioners are on the menu for you to select in whatever combination you desire.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the amazing, healing transformation that awaits you at The Sha Wellness Clinic. We are ready to plan your unique experience there!